In the core we can distinguish the division into:

-PROJECTS (the highest division unit)

-SCHEMAS (the schema contains custom sequence of actions which will be executed for each shot)

-TASKS (stores information about schemas assigned to the sequence, shot and take)

-QUEUE ITEMS (final step is to add task with default settings or custom options to the queue)

Framework uses definitions to change functionality.
You can upload definitoions for specific DDC or create custom one according to your needs, pipeline and used software.

With this framework you can execute actions grouped in schemas and transform your inputs to outputs for each shot.

For each shot, we can create any number of schemas.

Schema can be created for each character, for character variation or for the entire scene depending on the complexity of the scene.

Each shot can be added to the queue with various simulation parameters for independent recalculation.

Queue items can be computed by simnodes on farm or can be computed locally.